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The Best Equation for Your Happy Life

1. Beginning: Set up Foundation
a. Healthy Body (Eat well, Enough sleep, Exercise often)
b. Healthy Mind---Good Philosophy,
I. Positive Thinking,
II. Risky Sense,
III. Good Concept.
Heart vs. Brain -- Which one is more important, why?
Invisible vs. visible -- Which one is more important, why?
Wisdom vs. Smarts -- Which one is more important, why?
Righteous vs. Evil: Evil cannot outbeat the righteous.

2. The Process of Discipline, Challenges, and Learning
a. Appreciation, all the time
b. Do your best all the time
c. Be creative always
d. When you fail what should you do?
I. Be flexible: Failure is mother of success.
II. Bring your bodyguards out.

3. Dream.
a. Short-term goal
b. Long-term dream: Everyone should have dream.

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