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Learn Language Through Music, Story, Picture, Game and Animation


What is the Doiga Band?

The Doiga Band is a group of note-shaped musicians who love to teach students how to learn languages by singing.

What Are Sing2Learn Products Based On?

The Sing2Learn System was developed using the principals found in the Mom's Choice Award-winning book "The Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages" written by Sing2Learn founder Anthony Chang.

Judges on the panel included

  1. Founder of PBS "Reading Rainbow"
  2. Creator of Baby Einstein
  3. A New York Times best-selling author
  4. Creator of Dunstan Baby Language
  5. Host of NBC "Manners Minutes"

What Is the Major Target Group for Sing2Learn?

  • Whoever wants to use the most practical, effective and easiest method to learn foreign languages
  • Kindergarten and elementaryschools
  • Those who want to learn for personal enrichment and communicate in real life instead of only passing exams

  • S2L is NOT teaching you how to become a professional singer; we use music and melody to help you learn languages by singing. S2L materials were specifically designed for non-native speakers.

    What Is the Number One Reason That People Cannot Learn Foreign Languages Very Well?

    They did not learn step-by-step. Why?

    If you look around the world and ask yourself if any person does not speak a native language due to shyness, low IQ or fear of speaking? Everyone can speak their native language.

    What is the major reason a foreigner cannot talk?

    He or she did not learn the foreign language step-by-step, the way one learns a native language.

    What Kind of Major Issues in Language Learning Can Sing2Learn Solve?

    The most common problems with learning a new language are as follows:

    1. It's not fun.
    2. It's not effective.
    3. It's not step by step, rather starting from reading, writing and grammar.
    4. It's not based on the student’s knowledge level.
    5. There is not enough two-way communication.
    6. Learning is not accessible anywhere, anytime.

    With the Sing2Learn approach, we can solve all of these major problems.

    What Can Sing2Learn Provide to You?

    As a learning system, Sing2Learn can provide you with many tools to help you learn:

    1. Provide the most practical, efficient, and natural language-learning products
    2. Train teachers with Sing2Learn S.T.P. (Standard Teaching Practices)
    3. Outsource qualified teachers

    Why are Sing2Learn Materials Beneficial to Teachers?

    1. Provide a practical direction for teachers to give lessons.
    2. Help save time and energy creating tedious teaching materials.
    3. Support by providing more two-way communication during class.
    4. Aid in assessing student language ability to pinpoint problem areas.
    5. Inspire to create more activities in class.
    6. Guide in the use of motivating role-play activities.

    Does the Singing Approach Apply to Advanced Levels?

    Of course, singing is a skill that fortifies language. Melody is fundamental to learning any language at any level. Think about all the small songs or tunes you learn at school to remember things. Even more, how do you think Hindus and Buddhists remember their sacred texts? It’s through chant, which is melody. ou will find out S2L can be approached from any level.

    What If I Cannot Sing or Do Not Like to Sing?

    Do you sing in the shower? If you do, then that’s how you do it! Have you ever sung in your lifetime? Then if you have, that’s how you do it. If you don’t sing or don’t like to sing, then read aloud when you have the chance. Reading aloud has a similar power to strengthen fluency, but it is not as fun as singing.

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