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Learn Language Through Music, Story, Picture, Game and Animation

Advanced 1 (A=15 Lesson and B=15 Lesson)

A. What Advanced 1 is:

In this level, we not only focus on reading and simple writing.

I. Handbook Package, II. Textbook, III. Workbook

B. Who is the suitable person?

Suitable for those who must carry on conversation and read comfortably, and write simple stories, this level continues expanding on grammar lessons with positive subjects to extend sentence constructions elaborating on concepts and ideas in the foreign language.

C. How does it work?

I. Handbook Package: (15 DVD Animation, Audio, and Songbook)

a. This handbook is 100% support textbook; it makes the entire learning process easier and more fun.

b. This handbook package is very east to carry and help you to preview & review each lesson anywhere, anytime with visual, audio, and book.

*(If you go to class twice a week, that is about 1.6 hours a week. One week has 168 hours. 99% of the time you are on your own; if you go to class 4 times a week, 98% of the time you are on your own. Therefore, this handbook package will support and help with you this anytime, anywhere.)


Code Product Description Format
CH701 Advanced 1A-1 Handbook Handsize book with 15 songs and animation helps you to study anywhere, anytime. Book, DVD, CD


Code Product Description Format
CH702 Advanced 1A-2 Textbook Stories and exercises. PDF


Code Product Description Format
CH703 Advanced 1A-3 Workbook Additional activities relating to textbook. PDF
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