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Aprender el idioma a través de la música, historia, imagen, juego y animación

English STP- Actual Teaching DVD Sample

First Lesson: Body Parts

Introduction: Hello, everybody! My name is Danica. I am your teacher today. We are going to learn about Lesson One: My Body.

  1. Before the lesson begins, please present the following questions: (Teacher demonstration: pointing to the eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, ask students “What is this?” Students can answer using their own mother languages, only this time because students may not know the answer before lesson instruction. After the lesson, students will be able to say this vocabulary in English.)
  2. Please watch animation DVD: (Once or twice)
  3. (Teacher may ask, “How do you like it?” “Do you want to watch again?”)

Next, let's learn new words and/or expressions.

(Teacher writes new words on the blackboard. Teacher reads vocabulary three times aloud, and students repeat after teacher.) Words and Expressions Activities

  • The teacher may use S2L flashcards: Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, feet, etc.
  • The teacher may also use props like holding a big bear and give students a stuffed animal such as a tiger or a cow etc.
  • The teacher names body parts as students point out them out using their own body parts.
  • The teacher may also suggest student using drawing to practice new words.
  • Singing Activities

    1. Students sing after teacher, sentence by sentence.
    2. The entire class sings along with DVD animation.
    3. The teacher reads lyrics aloud to students.
    4. Students repeats lyrics after teacher, sentence by sentence.
    5. Look for volunteers to sing with teacher, this activity is slow.
    6. All students sing along without DVD animation.
    7. Look for one student to sing with DVD or songbook.
    8. Look for one student to sing without DVD or songbook.

    Pattern Practice Activities

    1. Pattern Practice: Look for one student to role-play with teacher using existing and/or extra vocabularies (all the extra words should be the most useful vocabularies for daily life).
    2. Pattern Practice: Find two students to role-play in front of others, with existing and/or extra vocabularies such as “Key”,“Phone,” etc.
    3. Final: Comments and Evaluation


    1. Our goal is not teaching student to become a professional singer; on the contrary, we are using music and melodies to teach others learn foreign languages.
    2. By following this procedure, students will be able to communicate in real-life situations.
    3. This simplified instructional DVD is for a one week class, about 3-5 lessons.
    4. The teaching ideas are based on "The Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages", a Mom's Choice Award-Winning Book.
    5. Our English, Spanish, and Chinese instructional DVD are very similar but not the same because this allows us to demonstrate more varieties of teaching with same principle.
    6. For a large sized class, the teacher can also hold group singing competitions,including lyric connections in groups. The teacher also can use Sing2Learn's 900 flashcards, Q&A interactive role-play materials, Review Pattern quiz DVD and Piano books for the beginner level and some intermediate level.
    7. This is only for the teacher's reference. Teachers can adjust the procedure according to student learning ability, class size, course schedule, learning objective, etc.
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