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Learn Language Through Music, Story, Picture, Game and Animation

A lot of people ask:

What is Sing2Learn? &, Why Sing2Learn?

Sing2Learn is "Learning Languages by Singing" through patterns, repetitions, pictures, stories, and DVD animations. Here is the most powerful, effective, and fun approach for learning foreign languages.

For Listening and Conversation

This level is for those who want to learn the most practical way of speaking foreign languages.

How does it work?

It ensures you will be able to communicate in real life situations by providing you


a. Beginning 2-1 (CD/DVD/Book):
You can learn the basic words, patterns and sentences through singing that are often learned and used at home when we all are kids (1-7 years old), such as:  “Where is your nose?”, “My nose is here.”

b. Beginning 2-2 (CD/Book):
This is expanding off of Beginner 2-1. You will learn more real life questions and answers. This will also bring the student into more real life situations; instead of saying, “Where is your nose?”, you will replace it: “Where is your key?” You will also use existing words and patterns for building that useful daily-life sentence, with different or additional verbs, adjectives, or nouns, such as “My nose itches,” “I have a big nose,” or “I want white teeth,” etc.

In addition, you can do Q&A role-play & listening tests either at class or at home.

c. Beginning 2-3 (CD/Book):
This program will bring you to a level of real life conversation. It includes 80+ conversations that are interconnected to Beginner 2-1 and 2-2; once you finish this level, you will be able to communicate in real life easily, with no problem. After that, you can move on to Reading and Writing level.

d. Teacher Manual is the supplemental material among 2-1A, 2-2A and 2-3A, also using 13+ topic questions to cross-reference each lesson.



Sing2Learn English Arts Classroom
Spider Web Melody Teaching Approach

1. Beginner 2-1A Songbook A
2. Beginner 2-1B Songbook B
Currently in four available languages, each handbook package contains 15 DVD-Animation Lessons/Songs, Audio CD, and Hard Copy Songbook. Supportive to textbook, all supplemental materials interconnect; Learner does not forget what has been taught, and the entire learning process is easier and more fun. This package is very easy to carry, helping to preview and review lessons anywhere, anytime.

3. Beginner 2-2A SWMTA Lecture and Homework A
4. Beginner 2-2B SWMTA Lecture and Homework B
Currently available in three languages, this supplemental product interconnects with Songbook lessons. Based on 2-1 Subjects/Titles, it focuses on sentence patterns and syntax comprehension.
This audio CD package expands vocabulary while reinforcing small sentences, with a PDF for reference.

5. Beginner 2-3A SWMTA Conversation A
6. Beginner 2-3A SWMTA Conversation B
Available in three languages, this expands Songbook lessons into real-life conversations. Based on 2-1 Subject/Titles, comprehension fluency and pronunciation are encouraged in this product; small real-life conversations using vocabulary and structures learnt are pronounced natural speed. Currently comes in Audio CD and PDF.

7. Teacher Manual-Beginner 2-4A is the supplemental material among 2-1A, 2-2A, and 2-3A.
8. Teacher Manual-Beginner 2-4B is the supplemental material among 2-1B, 2-2B and 2-3B.



For Reading and Writing

This level is suitable for those who must carry on conversation without any problem -- this level introduces textbook and workbook activities, additional exercises and reading subjects.

How does it work?

I. Handbook Package: (15 DVD-Animation lessons, Audio, and Songbook)

a. This handbook is 100% supportive to its textbook, making the entire learning process easier and more fun.

b. This handbook package is very easy to carry and helps you to preview & review each lesson anywhere, anytime with visual, audio, and book.

*(One week has 168 hours; if you go to class twice a week, that is about 1.6 hours a week. 99% of the time you are on your own; if you go to class 4 times a week, 98% of the time you are on your own. Therefore, all of our material will support and help you to learn anytime, anywhere.)

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