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Learn Language Through Music, Story, Picture, Game and Animation


The Doiga Band

  1. Doiga:
    • Do = Let's do it
    • iga = together

  2. The shape of the head, hands, and feet resemble musical notes.
  3. Where does the name of each band member come from? Names are made from the first letter of each instrument played. For example, because the leader is the singer, the leader is called Siga:
    • The pianist, Piga
    • The guitarist, Giga
    • The drummer, Diga
    • The flutist, Figa
    • The violinist, Viga
    • The trumpeter, Tiga

  4. Doiga is a band that focuses on teaching languages through the most enjoyable way: singing! They love to create new songs to help others around the world learn foreign languages.

The Sing2Learn Equation for learning a new language:

  1. 1 + 2 + 3 = The Most Practical Way
    • 1 = Step by Step
    • 2 = Sing2Learn Approach: combine music, pattern, repetition, picture, story, drawing, and DVD animation
    • 3 = Q & A Interactive Role-Play

  2. 4 + 5 + 6 = The Best Way
    • 4 = Complete Product Line that applies to everyone
    • 5 = Variety of Product allowing individuals to learn anywhere and anytime
    • 6 = Positive Material that combines western creativity and eastern value

  3. 7 + 8 = The Best Learning System
    • 7 = Standard Teaching Procedure: based on Sing2Learn Product Approach
    • 8 = Standard Teaching Procedure with trained teachers

What Is the Most Practical Way to Learn Foreign Languages?

1 + 2 + 3 = The Most Practical Way

  1. Step by step
  2. Sing2Learn Approach: combine music, repetition, patterns, pictures, stories, drawings, and DVD animations
  3. Q & A Interactive Role-Playing

Who Can Use Sing2Learn Materials to Teach?

Suggested Requirements of Potential S2L Trained Teachers (TT) are categorized below:

  1. Native Speakers.
  2. Those that majored in a four-year college for that language: English, Spanish, or Chinese.
  3. Those with at least 5 years teaching experience or 1500 hours teaching experience.
  4. Those who completed all Sing2Learn Beginner levels 1, 2, 3 and can communicate.
  5. Those who completed all Sing2Learn Intermediate levels 1, 2, 3 and also can communicate and read well.
  6. Those who completed all Sing2Learn Advanced 1,2 levels and also can communicate and write well.

The categories are grouped below to designate qualified S2L (TT) to instruct in that level:

What Makes Sing2Learn Special?

Suggested Requirements of Potential S2L Trained Teachers (TT) are categorized below:

  1. Learners can begin at any level
  2. Students can learn step by step
  3. Evaluation: Assessment Standards are designed by educated, informed native speakers in the target language
  4. The system incorporates the best two-way communication tools, with DVD animation
  5. A complete kit, variety in product line, all material is 100% original
  6. Highly educational and stimulating material, combining West-East together
  7. Products are based on “The Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages”, winner of Mom's Choice award
  8. Free on-site training for all language teachers or instructors
  9. Free English-ESL, Chinese, and Spanish assessments in listening, speaking, and reading
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